IPD at Trapelo Road

Architect KlingStubbins, construction manager Tocci Building Companies, and millwork fabricator RB Woodcraft used building information modeling to enable integrated project delivery, sustainable design, and digital design-to-fabrication workflows on Autodesk’s new AEC Headquarters in Waltham, Mass. 



Architectus Fuels Design Innovation with a Passion for Sustainability

See how award-winning Australian architecture firm Architectus embraces green design by adopting building information modeling to better predict the sustainability performance of its designs.



Learn how building information modeling technology is validating Rodd Perey’s intuitive understanding of green design, allowing for more innovative solutions in support of sustainability principles.



Read about the 2030 Challenge, an aggressive policy of sustainable design, carbon neutrality, and energy efficiency milestones led by the American Institute for Architects.




BIM for Sustainable Design
Building information modeling facilitates complex processes and analyses that were previously too laborious or expensive to perform. This white paper details how Autodesk's purpose-built BIM solution supports key aspects of sustainable design and "green" certification.
Using BIM for Greener Designs
The cornerstone of BIM is the high-quality design information it provides. This paper delves into a practical example of how architects can use this information to quickly and accurately perform energy analysis on early-stage building designs, for data that supports construction of "green" buildings.