These white papers provide detailed information about the advantages of BIM—for predicting a building’s real-world performance before construction, creating sustainable designs, increasing efficiency, enabling new ways of working, and more.
BIM and API Extensions (pdf - 629Kb)
Further extend your BIM solutions through third-party specialty software programs through the direct interface of an application programming interface (API).
BIM is also streamlining the digital fabrication of structural steel. Find out how.
BIM and Visualization (pdf - 1401Kb)
The BIM advantages of Revit are synchronizing with Autodesk® 3ds Max® software to explore, validate, and convey architectural designs.
BIM-based libraries are helping manufacturers to encourage and enable designers to easily incorporate and integrate particular products within their building information models.
Transitioning to BIM (pdf - 349Kb)
Ready to implement BIM? Learn about BIM best practices and key success factors.
Learn about parametric building modeling and why it’s so critical for BIM.
BIM is changing the way buildings are designed and constructed. Is it changing how they’re operated and maintained?
Conceptual design is crucial to the final building design, so it makes sense to have a consistent flow of digital building information from beginning to end.
See how BIM is benefiting architects, quantity surveyors, cost estimators, and builders – as well as their clients.
Can BIM be applied to the design of the inside of the building: the finishes, fixtures, area requirements, and furniture schedules?
Barriers to BIM (pdf - 136Kb)
Despite obvious benefits and readiness of BIM software, BIM adoption has been slower than expected. This paper covers some barriers to adoption.
See how BIM supports projects of all sizes – from small residential projects to large, complex commercial building projects. 
BIM for Small Firms (pdf - 268Kb)
Learn how to implement best practices that help smaller firms quickly reap the benefits of BIM.
BIM Project Planning (pdf - 1318Kb)
See how BIM and project planning solutions can be linked to better present and analyze a building design throughout its construction.