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Sustainable solutions from EFCO. Exactly.

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A 35% improvement in
U-factor performance.

As part of the XTherm™ line of high-performance thermal products, the new 8750XD Unitized Curtain Wall delivers an incredible 35% improvement in U-factor. The system features innovative Duracast® fiberglass composite to provide superior efficiency and structural performance. Learn more about the 8750XD system.

Designs on better daylighting.

EFCO offers practical solutions for leveraging the benefits of daylighting, including the E-Lite™ and EZ-Lite™ interior light shelves. These offerings are designed to channel more natural daylight into occupied building space, reducing the need for artificial lighting and lowering energy usage in the process. Learn more about E-Lite and EZ-Lite.

The nature of stewardship.

EFCO is an environmentally conscious company that makes energy conservation and recycling a priority — from its manufacturing practices to the material composition and efficiency of its products. Specifying EFCO products can assist in the LEED® accreditation process. Learn more about EFCO's commitment to sustainability.


Enhanced protection from EFCO. Exactly.

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For buildings where protection matters most.

The XForce™ line of high-performance products offers proven safety and security. Each offering is thoroughly tested to meet the strictest standards for bomb-blast and ballistic requirements, including non-linear dynamic analysis design method for Department of Defense and U.S. General Services Administration — as well as Florida Statewide Approvals for hurricane protection. XForce is available for windows, curtain wall, entrances and storefront. Learn more about the XForce line.

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Earn CEU credit

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Keeping you on point with
continuing education credit.

EFCO offers 7 CEU courses that enable you to earn
American Institute of Architects (AIA) credit. For a
detailed listing of courses available, click here.


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