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Commercial Gypsum Industry Center, sponsored by Georgia-Pacific Gypsum


Editorial Feature

Strength Runs in the Family
At Georgia-Pacific Gypsum, we are proud that for over 40 years our products have provided reliability, durability and—for Dens® Brand products—resiliency, critical factors in helping meet performance expectations for long-lasting buildings.

High-quality performance exists throughout our wide array of products, as both the Dens family of fiberglass mat panels and traditional ToughRock® panels are well respected and battle tested. But the most accurate description of these panels is strong. Indeed, at Georgia-Pacific Gypsum our ongoing legacy of experience, innovation and expertise makes our products perfect for buildings built to last.

Strength Runs in the Family™

Read here to learn what our strength can mean for your building.

White Papers and Tech Talks

Passing the (Flexural) Strength Test

Third-party testing reveals that recently enhanced DensDeck® Prime Roof Board (¼” thickness) demonstrates 2.5 times greater flexural strength compared to competitive ¼” boards. The results prove that DensDeck Prime is more durable when transported and installed, thus providing significant time and money advantages for roofing contractors.

New Roof On Georgia-Pacific Center Calls For – What Else? – Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Products!

The 52-story Georgia-Pacific Center is a landmark on the Atlanta skyline. But after nearly 30 years, the tower’s roof had come to the end of its useful life. When faced with the need for a new roof, what does the manufacturer of industry-leading DensDeck® Roof Boards do? The choice of products may not surprise you, but the versatile ways in which the product was used might.


Featured Course

Roofing Durability: How Cover Boards Contribute

A roof is a big investment, and it protects an even bigger investment in the building and its contents. That's why durability in any roofing system translates directly into lower total cost of ownership. Durability is more than just toughness. It's also the ability to protect contents and occupants from fire, water and noise. Several forces challenge roof-system durability, including fire, moisture exposure, sound intrusion, impact from hail and foot traffic, and wind uplift. Properly chosen cover boards can help reduce the effects of all these forces.


AIA Accredited Courses

Georgia-Pacific sponsors free, online AIA registered programs for architects through course provider, AEC Daily corporation. AIA-member architects can earn Health Safety Welfare (HSW) continuing education credits for successfully completing these programs. Non-members can also take the online courses for CEU credit. At present, all states that require continuing education accept the AIA courses for the MCE state requirements.


Tool Box

A Design Studio ... Online!

The Georgia-Pacific Design Studio, formerly known as the Georgia-Pacific Gypsum Tool Box, gives architects, specifiers, contractors, building owners and facility managers the interactive tools and information needed to make decisions and increase efficiency throughout design and construction. Among its many features are the Assemblies Library, a searchable database of assemblies, 3D files and performance characteristics for numerous systems and assemblies using Georgia-Pacific Gypsum products; LEED® Calculation Tools; and Online Division 7 and 9 binders, collections of specifications, working documents and case histories.


LEED® Calculation Tools

Use these tools to create a report for LEED® Materials and Resource Credits MR4 Recycled Content and MR5 Regional Materials for your projects in the United States using Georgia-Pacific Gypsum products.