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With a wide variety of air-source and water-source condensing units, indoor units and controls options, you can design the exact system to meet your comfort and aesthetic needs. Plus you can add 10% usable space in your designs. Mitsubishi Electric products can be combined to address myriad applications, from spot-cooling or heating a single room to serving an entire large commercial building with multiple floors and areas that require individual comfort control.

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Air-source R2-Series
Simultaneous Cool and Heat and Y-Series Heat Pump

Water-source WR2-series Simultaneous Cool and Heat
and WY-Series Heat Pump

Four-way Ceiling-recessed Cassette

Ceiling-concealed Ducted

Touchscreen Centralized Controllers

Product and Application Brochures

VRF zoning systems from Mitsubishi Electric can help you meet the unique HVAC needs of a variety of building types. Whether you need highly efficient systems or discreet operation, we can help you design the VRF zoning solution right for your next project.

High-Rise Brochure

Historic Renovation

Low-Rise Brochure

Mixed-Use Brochure

Multifamily Brochure

Office Brochure

P-Series Brochure

VRF Solutions Brochure

Mitsubishi Electric VRF Systems -- A Perfect Fit

Mitsubishi Electric VRF zoning systems with ultra-quiet operation, space-saving features, industry-leading energy efficiency, precise temperature control and lower than expected costs are a perfect fit for your projects.

Colorado History Museum Case Study

Hotel Indigo Case Study

Mercy Corps Case Study

The Wilshire Hotel Case Study

Union Mill Case Study


A Commitment to Innovation and Performance

Mitsubishi Electric Cooling & Heating continues to apply innovation and continuous improvement principles to all of our VRF zoning systems in order to better meet the needs of our users and to elevate system performance.


S-Series PUMY P-60

Updated VRF Zoning Outdoor Units

Sustainable and Efficient VRF Zoning Solutions

VRF zoning systems from Mitsubishi Electric provide major benefits over traditional systems including exceptional energy efficiency, precise temperature control and lower lifecycle costs.

How to Achieve LEED Points by Installing VRF HVAC Systems

VRZ Zoning Systems: An Innovative Technology for Sustainable Building Design