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When your next project calls for architectural glass products, PPG has the products and resources to help you create your design and realize your vision. With a legacy of leadership and innovation that spans over 125 years, we have interactive tools and knowledgeable experts, as well as products with a track record of proven performance, sustainability and aesthetics. Plus when you work with PPG, you get to work with fabricators in the PPG Certified Fabricator Network, making it possible for you to fast-track construction projects, regionally source products, improve project dry-in times, and reduce lead times on breakage replacements during and after construction.


Case Studies

Newark's Prudential Center

Solarban® 60 glass was used throughout the sports and entertainment facility, including for the two 110-foot-tall glass and steel cylinders.

The Terry Thomas

Solarban 70XL solar control, low-e glass helped The Terry Thomas achieve Platinum and Gold LEED certifications, and is also key to the efficiency of the facility's passive cooling system.

Architects HGW

Solarban 70XL glass helped the San Diego offices of Architects HGW (Hanna, Gabriel, Wells) transform a 4,500 square-foot auto repair shop into the Golden State's first net-zero-energy building.

Three PNC Plaza

Three PNC Plaza features three different kinds of PPG glass; Solarban 70XL/Caribia glass, Solarban 60/clear glass and Solarban 60/Starphire ultra-clear glass. These environmentally-friendly glass products helped the building achieve LEED Gold certification.



Solarban® 70XL Glass

Through the combination of its clear appearance of transparent, color-neutral glass...

Solarban® R100 Glass

Solarban R100 glass is a neutral-reflective, low-e glass that provides significant...

Starphire® Ultra-Clear Glass

Starphire glass by PPG has an unmistakably clear goal: To provide a signature element...



PPG Glass Configurator

The PPG Glass Configurator is a comparison tool that makes it possible to view every PPG glass product by aesthetic and performance, so you're better able to select the best glass for your next project.

PPG Glass Configurator Widget

For on-the-go access to all of PPG's glass specs, download the Yahoo Widget application (Windows | Mac) and gain access to the PPG Glass Configurator right from your desktop, on or offline!

PPG Project Gallery

The PPG Project Gallery is PPG's visual search tool featuring PPG IdeaScapes projects. The project gallery showcases the use of PPG glass, metal coatings and paints products and is designed to assist you in finding the best PPG product(s) to achieve your vision.

PPG Glass Performance Calculator

PPG's Architectural Glass Product Performance Calculator allows you to analyze the performance of PPG's glazings on a variety of PPG glass types and thicknesses.

PPG Mobile Performance Calculator

Now you can access our performance calculator even when you're on the go. Simply bookmark mobile.ppgglasscalc.com on your mobile device and you'll never be without access to one of the industry's most comprehensive glass resources.

PPG Energy Modeling of Architectural Glazings

Compare the real energy costs associated with specific architectural glazings according to the U.S. Department of Energy's energy modeling software.

PPG Thermal Stress Analysis Tool

PPG's Thermal Stress Analysis for Insulated Glass Units tool provides glass recommendations based on the design input of your project.


PPG Glass Updates

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PPG and environmentally-friendly building practices have always been synonymous. We are known for our energy-saving, solar control, low-e glasses that also offer amazing design possibilities with tints that range from the clearest ultra-clear glass to exquisite ocean- and nature-inspired hues. From the introduction in 1934 of Solex glass, now known as Solexia, as the world's first spectrally selective architectural glass to today's passive low-e and advanced solar control low-e coatings, such as Solarban 70XL glass, which features the industry's first triple-silver, low-e coating, PPG has been a sustainability leader. In fact, we are the first company to achieve the prestigious Cradle to Cradle® certification for our entire collection of architectural glasses. Learn more about how PPG Glass supports sustainable architecture.