October 2011 Table of Contents

Equity & Income Equity & Income

Judging from the AIA's 2011 Compensation Report, firm leaders have been making the sacrifice necessary to their future. Read more

Rural Studies AIAVoices Rural Studies

Not your typical firm, but its principals are pursuing an elemental practice. Read more

Across the Institute AIANOW Across the Institute

Barcelona, New York, Atlanta, and Washington, D.C. Read more

Branching Out AIAPractice Branching Out

Architects are offering supplemental services as a way of staying afloat in a tough economy. Read more

The New Normal, part 2 AIAFeature The New Normal, part 2

Can urban, multifamily rentals drive the economy forward? Read more

Design Ethic AIAPerspective Design Ethic

How do we decide what's right? Read more

2011 AIA Compensation Report 2011 AIA Compensation Report

This year's AIA Compensation Report shows that new downturn or not, architects haven’t stopped feeling the pinch. Read more

Jared E. Wright Jared E. Wright

Age 32. Licensed in California in August 2011. Read more

Stephen Alesch Stephen Alesch

Age 46. No license. Read more

John Theobald John Theobald

Age 36. Pursuing licensure. Read more

Adam Sauer Adam Sauer

Age 27. Pursuing licensure. Read more

Hana Kolton Hana Kolton

Age 50. No license. Read more

The 50-Year-Old Intern Architect

The unregistered intern architect: will a decline in registered professionals create a lost generation of architects? Read more

Joe and Rika Mansueto Library Joe and Rika Mansueto Library

Joe and Rika Mansueto Library / Chicago / Murphy / Jahn Architects Read more

Harpa–Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre Harpa–Reykjavik Concert Hall and Conference Centre

Reykjavik, Iceland / Henning Larsen Architects with Batteríið Architects and Olafur Eliasson Read more

Good Neighbor best practices Good Neighbor

How to help communities reach their goals—from volunteering to consulting. Read more

Salt Lake City, Utah Local Market Salt Lake City, Utah

This city benefits from its outdoor activities, climate, accessibility, and a progressive government. Read more

Credit Report strategy Credit Report

With banks reluctant to make loans, architecture firms are getting creative when it comes to raising capital. Read more

Fitting In typology Fitting In

Today’s cultural institutions look to reuse and adapt rather than transform their environments. Read more

Package Deals it Package Deals

Four designers talk about the rendering plug-ins and programs they employ. Read more

Dissecting Diagrid continuing education Dissecting Diagrid

The diagonally based structural system of the diagrid is becoming a hallmark of 21st-century Modernism. Read more

Urbanized crit Urbanized

Gary Hustwit’s third documentary tackles the growth and future of the modern city. Read more

Book: 'Urban Code' book Book: 'Urban Code'

An architect and architecture professor write cultural code for SoHo, New York. Read more

'A Taxonomy of Office Chairs' book 'A Taxonomy of Office Chairs'

Jonathan Olivares treats chairs like a Linnean taxonomy in this new book on chairs and their parts. Read more

'The Great Builders' book 'The Great Builders'

A new book from Thames & Hudson examines the minds behind the buildings. Read more

'Breaking Borders: New Latin American Architecture' exhibit 'Breaking Borders: New Latin American Architecture'

The Pratt Institute presents an array of unique Latin American proejcts. Through Nov. 30. Read more

Jane's Carousel Funhouse Jane's Carousel

Architect Jean Nouvel designs the perfect box for a restored carousel in Brooklyn, N.Y. Read more

'The Life and Death of Buildings' exhibit 'The Life and Death of Buildings'

Like dynasties, kingdoms, and governments, buildings also rise and fall. Through Nov. 6. Read more

Installation: 'A Wheatfield, with Cypresses' installation Installation: 'A Wheatfield, with Cypresses'

GE and London's National Gallery re-create Van Gogh's painting into a greenwall. Through Oct. 31. Read more

'Apex: The Anatomy of the Egyptian Pyramids' exhibit 'Apex: The Anatomy of the Egyptian Pyramids'

Have scholars finally figured out how the Egyptians built the pyramids? Through Nov. 6. Read more

'The Architecture of Stanley Tigerman' exhibit 'The Architecture of Stanley Tigerman'

The de facto dean of Chicago architecture has his own exhibition. Through. Nov. 5. Read more

Exhibit: 'The Architecture and History of Libraries' exhibit Exhibit: 'The Architecture and History of Libraries'

Architecture and libraries have always gone hand in hand. Through Oct. 16. Read more

The Jerde Partnership, Los Angeles studio visit The Jerde Partnership, Los Angeles

The globally focused Jerde Partnership still anchors all of its design work in its Venice Beach offices. Read more

Past P/A
Lerner Meets Lutyens 1988 p/a first award Lerner Meets Lutyens

For the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, Ralph Lerner gave Edwin Lutyens's Classicism a Postmodern spin. Read more

Roppe Northern Timbers Roppe Northern Timbers

A new line of vinyl plank flooring with the appearance of natural wood. Read more

Resol Trama Resol Trama

The back of this chair is intended to appear transparent. Read more

Lumenpulse Lumenbeam XLarge Lumenpulse Lumenbeam XLarge

A water-resistant luminaire for all-white or RGB flood lighitng. Read more

Firestone Building Products SkyPaver Firestone Building Products SkyPaver

Composite roof pavers available in five colors. Read more

Construction Specialties Floorometry Construction Specialties Floorometry

A new line of flooring for entry areas, in four versions. Read more

Champlain Stone 1763 Granite Champlain Stone 1763 Granite

A line of natural weathered stone for multiple uses. Read more

W.S. Tyler Korba-Weave 2015 W.S. Tyler Korba-Weave 2015

Metal mesh consisting of horizontal and vertical crimped flat wires. Read more

Wire by Design Co. Design 187 Wire by Design Co. Design 187

A rigid and opaque metal mesh suitable for several applications. Read more

McNichols Co. Shire 8148 Plus McNichols Co. Shire 8148 Plus

Made from copper, this metal mesh is suitable for indoor and exterior applications. Read more

GKD Helix 24 GKD Helix 24

A flexible metal fabric woven from crimped rods and flat strips. Read more

Cambridge Architectural Brick Cambridge Architectural Brick

Metal mesh that mimics the pattern of a brick wall. Read more

Other Articles
University of Minnesota Cardiovascular Research Building On the Boards University of Minnesota Cardiovascular Research Building

Twin Cities campus / Architectural Alliance and ZGF Architects Read more

UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive On the Boards UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive

Berkeley, Calif. / Diller Scofidio + Renfro Read more


PL House PL House

AI2 Design

MLK1101 Supportive Housing MLK1101 Supportive Housing

Lorcan O'Herlihy Architects

La Part des Anges La Part des Anges

BUPA Architectures

Common Ground Common Ground


Flying House Flying House

IROJE KHM Architects

Woodard Residence Woodard Residence


Less Less

AAVP Architecture


Modern Office of Design + Architecture (MoDA)

PLICO at the Flatiron PLICO at the Flatiron

Elliott + Associates Architects

Amoroso Studio Amoroso Studio

Modal Design


Global Architectural Development (GAD)

Maggie's Centre Barts Maggie's Centre Barts

Steven Holl Architects

Amstelloft Amstelloft

WE Architecten

Hunters Point Community Library Hunters Point Community Library

Steven Holl Architects

New Paltz House New Paltz House

AlexAllen Studio

Studio Bell Studio Bell

Allied Works Architecture

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