March 2012 Table of Contents

Dialogue: Spike Eisenhowerdialogue Dialogue: Spike Eisenhower

The memorial’s design bring the culture wars are at architecture's doorstep. Read more

Healthy Outlooknumbers Healthy Outlook

Architects and healthcare providers agree that flexible design is crucial to controlling future costs for healthcare. Read more

Pro Bono PublicoAIAVoices Pro Bono Publico

David Baker of David Baker + Partners Architects discusses finding common ground. Read more

Across the Institute: In Austin, Detroit, London, Little RockAIANow Across the Institute: In Austin, Detroit, London, Little Rock

Austin, Detroit, London, Little Rock Read more

Aging In PlaceAIAKnowledge Aging In Place

Sustaining the General Services Administration’s modern sensibilities Read more

Material CultureAIAFeature Material Culture

How much do you know about the materials that you're using? Read more

Wellness, Nature, and Place-MakingAIAPerspective Wellness, Nature, and Place-Making

Staying in step with the pace of change should be a welcomed challenge. Read more

Friends of ArchitectureLobbying for architecture Friends of Architecture

The AIA’s political action committee, ArchiPAC, has donated $69,000 to congressional candidates and political committees so far this year. Here’s the list of recipients. Read more

A Lobbying Case StudyLobbying for Architecture A Lobbying Case Study

Here's how the profession is navigating the crowded halls of government, in Washington, D.C., and beyond. Read more

How to Make Friends and Influence PolicyLobbying for Architecture How to Make Friends and Influence Policy

ARCHITECT follows the AIA's lobbyists into the complex world of government advocacy. Read more

Perkins+Will PortfolioPerkins+Will Portfolio

Recent projects from the Vancouver office of Perkins+Will. Read more

VanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor CentreVanDusen Botanical Garden Visitor Centre

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Read more

Delivering IPDbest practices Delivering IPD

Drafting the legal framework is the first step toward integrated project delivery. Here's how to get IPD projects off on the right foot. Read more

Local Market: Boulder, Colo.local market Local Market: Boulder, Colo.

Boulder is proud of its culture and has restrictions on building to prevent change. Read more

Stackedtypology Stacked

The next generation of libraries is made for the spokes, not the hub. Read more

Climate Changeit Climate Change

Why is Autodesk getting ahead of its customers? Because it thinks it knows where they're going. Read more

Metal Facadedetail Metal Facade

The Raif Dinckok’s Yalova Cultural Center, by Emre Arolat Architects, tells the tale of two cities intertwined into one. Read more

Natural Lightingmind & matter Natural Lighting

Windowpanes could be transformed into light sources, thanks to organic light-emitting diodes. Read more

Talking Headsit Talking Heads

Four designers discuss the teleconferencing and communications tools that keep them in constant contact. Read more

Overexposedcontinuing education Overexposed

A newfound appreciation for dark skies, a model lighting ordinance, and LEDs may help maintain night vision by reducing outdoor illumination levels. Read more

Dream Deferredcrit Dream Deferred

Felix Salmon on MoMA's "Foreclosed" exhibit: long on art and short on reality. Read more

Exhibit: 'The Utopian Impulse'Exhibit Exhibit: 'The Utopian Impulse'

A new San Francisco exhibit showcases Buckminster Fuller's projects as well as Bay Area projects inspired by him. Through July 29. Read more

App: 'The Hand of the Architect'App App: 'The Hand of the Architect'

A new app by Moleskine brings together 378 sketches by 110 architects. Read more

Book: 'ReThinking a Lot'Book Book: 'ReThinking a Lot'

Parking lots are a typology on the verge of transformation, says author Eran Ben-Joseph. Read more

Exhibit: 'Felix Candela'Exhibit Exhibit: 'Felix Candela'

Photos of architect Felix Candela's thin-shell concrete structures are on display in New York. Through March 31. Read more

Perkins+Willstudio visit Perkins+Will

Aggressive acquisitions haven't changed Perkins+Will's commitment to the social good. Read more

Past P/A
Treading Lightly on the Florida Earth1995 P/A Award Citation Treading Lightly on the Florida Earth

Architects Thompson and Rose dispersed studios for the arts within a lush subtropical setting. Read more

Product: Toto Integrated EcoPower Faucetproducts Product: Toto Integrated EcoPower Faucet

A hands-free, hydropowered commercial faucet. Read more

Product: Trestlewood Mushroomwoodproducts Product: Trestlewood Mushroomwood

Former platforms used in mushroom-growing facilities become architectural finishes. Read more

Product: Geiger International Loopholeproducts Product: Geiger International Loophole

A glass tabletop supported by a two-way, solid wood base. Read more

Product: Centennial Woods Wyoming Snowfenceproducts Product: Centennial Woods Wyoming Snowfence

Lumber reclaimed from irreparable fences that may be used in many building applications. Read more

Product: Lindner Group LMD-DS 360 Helixproducts Product: Lindner Group LMD-DS 360 Helix

A decorative canopy system that adds a twist to the conventional ceiling fixture. Read more

Product: ShetkaStoneproducts Product: ShetkaStone

Recycled wastepaper upcycled into a range of surfacing products. Read more

Product: Everitt & Schilling Co. Trail Mixproducts Product: Everitt & Schilling Co. Trail Mix

Composite tile upcycled from the scraps of cabinetmakers and doormakers. Read more

Product: SMIT Solar Ivyproducts Product: SMIT Solar Ivy

A photovoltaic system that mimics the form of climbing ivy. Read more

Product: Barnwood Naturals Charred/Burnt Sidingproducts Product: Barnwood Naturals Charred/Burnt Siding

Reclaimed wood siding that is burned to increase its durability. Read more

Product: Martin Mostböck Flaxx Chairproducts Product: Martin Mostböck Flaxx Chair

A hybrid chair that is both suspended and supported on four legs. Read more

Product: Desso Patterns@Playproducts Product: Desso Patterns@Play

A collection featuring seven colorful modular or broadloom carpets. Read more

Product: Kirei Windfallproducts Product: Kirei Windfall

Engineered wood panels reclaimed from demolished buildings in the Pacific Northwest. Read more

Product: Jaga Climate Systems Brizaproducts Product: Jaga Climate Systems Briza

A slim heat exchanger that may be installed on walls or ceilings. Read more

Product: Altruwood Hand-Hewn Beamsproducts Product: Altruwood Hand-Hewn Beams

Timber from dismantled barns in New England and the Midwest. Read more

Product: Duravit Darling Newproducts Product: Duravit Darling New

A modern furniture series comprising 52 components, including vanity units. Read more

Product: Viridian Reclaimed Wood American Classicsproducts Product: Viridian Reclaimed Wood American Classics

Solid oak flooring reclaimed from former industrial shipping materials. Read more

Product: Architectural Systems Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panelsproducts Product: Architectural Systems Eco-Dimensions Bamboo Wall Panels

A textural finish surface for walls and ceilings. Read more

Other Articles
Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnologyon the boards Krishna P. Singh Center for Nanotechnology

Philadelphia / Weiss/Manfredi Architecture/Landscape/Urbanism Read more

Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorialon the boards Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial

Washington, D.C. / Gehry Partners Read more

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