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Between us, ideas become reality

What was once considered the great, white Alaska is now home to a canvas, limited only by your imagination. Between us, the ceiling can become a star.


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We’ve broken all the rules with our Clouds and Canopies. It’s never been this much fun to express your creativity. Whether enhancing an existing ceiling or used in an exposed structure, Clouds and Canopies provide extraordinary drama and visual excitement. They can define a space, accentuate an area, control noise and make a serious design statement. We invite you to explore your options. The sky’s the limit!


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Today’s ceilings can be warmed by wood, curved by metal or more monolithic than ever before. They can be ruby red, stars or stripes, convex, concave or hexagon shaped. They can help to calm a classroom, bring peace to a hospital or enliven a nightclub, but they never, ever have to be boring. Here are a few of our favorites. Next month, we’ll share a few more.