The 11th Street Bridge Park, D.C.'s first elevated park, faces many of the same challenges, such as skyrocketing home values, similar to New York's High Line, which has seen several, trendy developments pop up around it. To ensure the success of this development, D.C., in collaboration with the nonprofit Building Bridges Across The River, need to address both the concerns of Anacostia, a neighborhood known for its low home ownership, and Capitol Hill, an area with a much higher quality of life, says Scott Kratz, director of the nonprofit behind the project. 

A taskforce was created to make inclusivity possible through workforce development, small business enterprises, and housing. Short-term goals include hiring residents and contractors from each area and preserving affordable housing in the surrounding area. Once the park is complete, locally owned food services may operate along the site and resources will be made available for additional affordable housing. 

The park, designed by Netherlands–based OMA and Philadelphia–based OLIN Studio, is slated to finish in 2019.

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