Drawn Out Paris
Take a tour of the past 750 years of Paris architectural history through the lens of a single building, illustrated throughout time in 128 pages by artist Vincent Mahé. A silent graphic novel of sorts, Mahé's 750 Years in Paris (Nobrow Press, 2015) tells the tale of one city beginning in 1265, a point at which Paris—an area settled in 3 B.C. by Celts, ruled by Romans for centuries, which then became the seat of the new France—had already been considered the political and cultural capital of the new nation for a few hundred years. (The Louvre Palace and the Cathedral at Notre Dame were already in place by that date.) See the city grow and evolve over the ensuing centuries through the growth and evolution of the architecture of this single building. Piles of the dead decorate the days of the Black Death, axe-wielding agitators run around in front of our heroic building during the head-losing days of the French Revolution, and more.

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