New Orleans' housing market is on the upswing. Back in 2008, when Hurricane Katrina hit the vibrant Louisiana city, voids of blight were left to be taken care of. Along with the housing crisis, initiatives such as Make It Right sought to establish affordable housing complexes to build it back up. But there's an even bigger demand for housing now, and these already built residences won't suffice. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, the city's population has increased of 3.6% annually from July 2006 to April 2010. Even more, a majority of these movers—about 85%—are people moving back.

To serve this middle-class community, architect Jonathan Tate and developer Charles Rutledge’s "Starter Home*" program, has developed a contemporary designed home to be installed into the urban context of the city and serve as an investment. Working with 975 square feet, a bit smaller than the average house, the new solution provides more design savvy features than space. High ceilings, indoor-outdoor living areas, and built-in decks are some of the features that allude to open spaces, rather than actually being built on top of a large yard.

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