A record number of men and women between the ages of 18 to 24 still live with their parents, likely due to a poor job market and high student loans. While many resort to renting, there are some plenty who want a house of  their own. Now, a Las Vegas developer, after surveying hundreds of potential homeowners, has designed a house the generation can afford and are actually interested in. 

The architects knew the house had to be within the means of the young buyers, so they rearranged the typical single-family house into a series of rooms that can start as apartments. By renting out the rooms, the homeowner could substantially cut down on mortgage payments. The design also focuses on affordable, sustainable features. The electricity of the home is run by solar power, and the house is filled with smart tech. 

While the houses are just concepts, the developer is using them as inspiration for other projects, and they're convinced this type of house will finally make Millennials invest. 

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