The New Penn Station
Yesterday, New York State Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) unveiled his adminitration's plan for a revamped Penn Station in New York City. Long derided as an unloved stuffy basement to Madison Square Garden which it sits underneath, Penn Station has been in the city and state's cross hairs to renovate for decades. (One of the major pushes to update both the station and the unused James A. Farley Post Office building across Eighth Avenue was named after former New York Democratic Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, who had pushed for a plan in the 1990s.) The new plan would raze the theater and station that sit underneath the current Garden and revive the plan to turn the Post Office building across Eighth into a new grand waiting area for Amtrak passengers. The estimated $3 billion project is to be a public-private partnership, with $325 million of that coming from government sources and the private developer getting full run of all of the retail spaces within, and developers have 90 days to submit proposals. The Cuomo administration is hoping to break ground this year.

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