Kai Caemmerer

For the past three decades, the Chinese government has been building new, pristine cities in an effort to urbanize the country. But, most of these cities sit empty, as many citizens are hesitant to leave their rural environments, or simply can't afford the new areas. Many of these cities also lack the jobs and commerce needed to draw residents, and only one city, Kangbashi, has had minor success after the government rearranged its bureaucratic buildings and schools.

"Unborn Cities" by Chicago photographer Kai Caemmerer documents these eerily quiet metropolises. In Yujiapu Financial District, in the Binhai New Area, Caemmerer captured a desolate replica of Manhattan, which featured its own Rockefeller Center and Twin Tower. Farther south, in Meixi Lake City, a manmade lake is lined with incomplete skyscrapers and empty apartment buildings. In his photographs, Caemmerer attempts to capture the future of each city, but the fate of these projects remains largely unknown.

Yujipau Financial District, a replica of Manhattan
Kai Caemmerer Yujipau Financial District, a replica of Manhattan

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