Designed to provide assistance to Dallas's homeless population, the Cottages at Hickory Crossing is comprised of  of 50 microhouses measuring at 400-square-feet each, which are all arranged around a tiny town green of three acres.

Originally designed by John Greenen, executive director of Central Dallas Community Development Corporation, and architect Brent Brown of Building Community Workshop for evacuees of Hurricane Katrina of 2005, each home features a kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom, along with walls created to block highway noise, as the community is built between two highways. 

The neighborhood will include a number of amenities to address the mental health needs and addictions of the homeless​. The town community center includes a clubhouse, library, computer lab, and meeting room for AA meetings, along with offices for social workers, nurses, and psychiatric case managers. Residents are also encouraged to contribute to the community garden and apiary. 

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