Frank Lloyd Wright is known for his work across the Windy City and its nearby suburbs, so it seems fitting that a map of Chicago's elevated train system—which neatly deposits riders in the Wright havens of Oak Park, Ill., and Hyde Park, in Chicago, among others—exists using the 20th-century architect’s trademark color palette and geometries. By British cartographer Max Roberts, the art piece (unfortunately, you won't find this posted in the city's trains) incorporates the architect's typography as well as the hues from his Tree of Life stained-glass windows to represent the city's eight color-coded train lines. “Of all the cities in America with major rail transit systems, Chicago probably has the strictest grid structure, and the ‘L’ lines reflect that,” Roberts told CityLab. “In a way, it reminds me of Frank Lloyd Wright's work, organized and yet never perfectly regular.”

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