​Adam Kahn, a London–based architect, vowed to redesign the children's indoor play area​ to include a playground for kids and a village square for adults. 

Kahn's plan includes renovations for a number of car parks, a reception area, visitors' center and café, several 17th-century and Grade II cottages on Pensthorpe Natural Park, and a 700-acre wetlands and nature preserve in Norfolk, England. Hidden inside Hootz House, a 5,704-square-foot wooden playhouse, ​is the children's portion of the center. Inside, visitors are greeted with a course of ropes, slides, bridges, and huts. For the adults, a party room, café, and mezzanine are also inside. Kahn also designed WildRootz, a 753,4730-square-foot playground that features rope walkways, wooden huts, tunnels, zip lines, and slides. The architect included shallow streams, sandpits, and meadows to reflect the nature preserve. 

Previously, Kahn designed a village square, which hosts farmers' markets, and a village green for Pensthorpe.

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