Last week, New York governor Gov. Andrew Cuomo rolled out another set of plans for alleviating the overrun transportation hub that is Penn Station. With it, he revealed the admirable intention of rehabilitating and refurbishing Penn Station and the historic James A. Farley Building during a luncheon hosted by the Association for a Better New York. And while taking on this project is more than previous governors have done in the past, there is still another alternative that Vishaan Chakrabarti, founder of PAU, says is the better option and eventual next step: moving Madison Square Garden entirely.

This approach was almost taken on some years ago, but had to be abandoned when Gov. Eliot Spitzer, a supporter, was forced to resign. And now, with the new structures to be built within the Farley Building, it's an even farther possibility. But Chakrabarti doesn't want to simply demolish the behemoth structure, like what was done to the former Pennsylvania Station. Just simply re-purpose it. Using the skeleton of the original structure, he would then encase it in glass, and enliven the original transportation portals underneath it, paying homage to the original intention, and hoping to make it a community center.

To read more about this concept, head over to The New York Times.

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