Apple hasn't put out a major new product release in a while now. Its iPhones and iPads have been iterative upgrades from past versions. There have no major overhauls of their laptop and desktop iMac products either. No major announcements, other than the occasional OS or iOS release, and those with relatively minor improvements. That's undoubtedly part of why the company's stock price has sunk back down to where it was in 2014.

The biggest news out of Cupertino recently, it seems, has been Cupertino itself, a giant flying saucer for Silicon Valley designed by Foster + Partners. As Quartz's Mike Murphy writes: "The highest-profile new thing the company is working on seems to be its own headquarters. ... Like a lot things Apple has produced recently, the second version seems to be where the company has perfected the product. The spaceship-like Apple Campus 2 is going to have the largest piece of curved glass in the world, a carbon fiber roof, thousands of trees on acres of green space, and reportedly will cost about $5 billion when it’s all finished."

However, Lord Foster's grandiose new building and the less-than-spectacular product releases could be masking an enormous amount of innovation happening behind the scenes. Murphy points out that the company has increasingly ramped up its spend on research and development over the past few years, effectivly quadrupling their annual R+D outlay since 2011. So, clearly, something is in the works, and Murphy details six massive new products and entirely new product lines that the company could be unveiling as early as next year.

Oh, and want a visual update on the new Apple HQ? Here you go:

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