Cyrille Weiner

By 2030, Bordeaux's former harbor and shipyard will become a lively mix of housing, work, entertainment, and community-based projects. While the area already includes a number of transformations, the newest addition features two new housing units that will house 12,000 people.

Previous constructions in Nicolas Michelin's Bassins á flot honor the local architecture by adapting former silos, sluices, and a wartime submarine base to accommodate new spaces, including a cultural center. Currently, two new housing units, sheathed in corrugated metal with a glazed saw-tooth roof spanning over a central garden, are being built. An included ground-floor car park features a garden and a smart roof outfitted with solar panels, creating an atrium that guarantees a comfortable climate for residents. A system of pathways are arranged around the development, leading pedestrians to the waterway. 

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