Nate Swain poses for a photo by his artwork.
Tovia Smith Nate Swain poses for a photo by his artwork.

It was only when NPR reporter Tovia Smith was strolling along the streets of Boston's "Innovation District" when the quirky corner of a crumbling brick building got public recognition. The void had been filled with hundreds of colorful Legos, and had been a topic of conversation for the locals for a while, but still, no one knew who had done it. Not even the people at Lego or people involved in Boston art organizations.

But while perusing some Instagram posts, Smith found a picture of the piece in, well, pieces, and landed on Nate Swain. The former landscape architect, who left his office job to pursue a career as an artist, sought out to complete the tongue-in-cheek installation late one Sunday night and has been reveling in the unattributed attention ever since.

Other projects include installing swaths of fabric that depict full rooms on the windows of an abandoned building and constructing land art within the coasts of Beantown. According to the NPR article, Swain just wants to "make people laugh and maybe laugh," at the surrounding environment.

To learn more about Swain's work, head over to NPR.

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