Despite last week's completion of Santiago Calatrava's World Trade Center Transportation Hub completion, the Spanish is sadly notorious for immensely overpriced, delayed projects. Such examples include the Margaret McDermott Bride in Dallas and Ponte della Costituzione in Venice.

But the focus of Italian photographer's Oliver Astrologo series is on the Città dello Sport, or City of Sport, outside of Rome. Back in 2007, when it was originally proposed, the 250-foot-tall structure was to feature an Olympic-sized pool and serve as a common area for the master planned arena.

Fast forward nearly a decade later, and it is abandoned and deteriorating from neglect. What was supposed to be completed in 2009, is now facing talks of demolition due to rising construction consts and an unhealthy economic crisis. According ot La Republica, the original budget was 65 million euro, but it was later raised to nearly 608 million. And despite attempts to revive the project, such as the 2020 Olympic bid, it now sits a state of limbo as to what to do with it.

See the photography series at Fast Company.

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