Lujac Desautel

Despite a history of drought, California's Los Angeles River carries over 200 million gallons of water into the Pacific Ocean. Lujac Desautel, a young, Californian architect and mastermind, wants to put that wasted water to good use. 

Liquifying Aquifers, an environmental project that envisions purifying several gallons of runoff water, requires construction of a system of wells along the Tujunga Wash, a 13-mile tributary of the Southern California river. Three concrete structures, shaped like inverted pyramids, would divert water from the area. Two of them would contain plant-based biofilters to clean the water, while the third would house the pool. Only a portion of the filtered water will fill the new depository, and the rest will be pumped back into the San Fernando Valley aquifer, which supplies potable water to more than 800,000 residents in the Los Angeles area. 

Desautel hopes the creation of a pool would encourage residents to visit a community pool, instead of wasting water filling their own, private pools.  

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