Two years ago, Manuel Pita came across an "architectural strawberry," a red house set against a vivid blue sky in Cacilhas, Portugal. The picture he snapped became the first of a 50-piece Instagram series, featured under the username @sejkko.

In finding houses to photograph, Pita looks for structures that stand alone or have very little around them. Using Photoshop, he removes any extraneous details to create a sense of isolation. Most of the houses the amateur photographer captures are in Alentejo, a region of central Portugal, but the series also features sites in France, Turkey, Spain, and Croatia. Pita tends to photograph older homes, especially ones with a traditional gable roof, which remind him of his grandparents' home. He is also drawn to bright, colorful ones that feature unique details.

Originally photographed using his iPhone, Pita has since upgraded to more professional cameras.

To read more about the series, visit Wired.

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