On Monday, Nov. 2, installation artist Christo, born in Bulgaria as Christo Vladimirov Javacheff, was awarded the insignia of Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by Bénédicte de Montlaur, the cultural counselor of the French Embassy at the Payne Whitney Mansion in New York. This specific location houses the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. Known for this large-scale pieces, the eighty-year-old artist was recognized for over fifty years of work with his late wife and co-collaborator, Jeanne-Claude. 

The artists are often credited for wrapping large-scale pieces or areas of land in fabric, such as "The Gates," in New York City's Central Park, which included 7,503 arches featuring swaths of orange fabric hanging from them that pedestrians could walk through. The installation stayed for about two weeks in February of 2005. Current projects that Christo is working on include "Over the River," sited in Colo., and "Floating Piers," which is a 75,000-square-foot walkway along Lake Iseo in Italy visitors can walk on.

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