Dutch architectural practice OMA, headed up by Rem Koolhaas, Hon. FAIA, gifted its second project to the Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Timmerhuis—a new building for the city hall that includes municipal services, offices, and luxurious apartments—is of even greater significance than OMA's first gift, De Rotterdam.

"A pile of white glass cubes has landed in the center of Rotterdam, teetering like a stack of shipping containers airlifted from the city’s sprawling port," Wainwright writes. "It rises to two uneven peaks in staggered pixels, like something from the game Sim City abandoned midway through construction." The modular building's composition of smaller cells is jarring, and its glass framework is a "clunky glazing system of inelegant grids," he adds.

But perhaps the project was doomed long before its construction, due to poor city planning, failed public-private partnerships, and a growing animosity toward Koolhaas, the city's resident "starchitect."

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