Chang W. Lee/The New York Times via The New York Times

The administration of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio argues that the Louis Kahn–designed memorial is not fully accessible to persons with disabilities. It was designed before Kahn's death in the 1970s, before the Americans With Disabilities Act, but was only constructed a few years ago. The debate centers around a sunken terrace, accessible only by stairs. Four Freedoms Park Conservancy board members argue that the terrace was designed to create a view from the Room, which is accessible, rather than as a "destination," but the city favors installing ramps to the terrace. David W. Dunlap writes: "Both the conservancy and City Hall say their positions are supported by the law. It seems possible to interpret the welter of complex accessibility regulations under the federal act either way." Read the complete article at The New York Times.

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