courtesy of Quartz

Not wanting to fall too far behind the United States and the worldwide long-running SETI project in the search for extraterrestrial life, last year China announced that it was completing its own 500-meter-diameter radio telescope which it began in 2011. Now, that nation's government is saying that it is going to relocate 9,110 people who live within three miles of the new telescope. The people need to be moved, reports Adam Epstein for Quartz, "in order to 'create a sound electromagnetic wave environment' for the telescope," according to Li Yuecheng, a Communist Party official in the Chinese southwest province of Guizhou. The displaced won't go completely empty-handed though ... they'll each be given about 12,000 yuan (or the equivalent of about $1,800). The telescope cost? About 1.2 billion yuan (or a little more than $180 million).

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