Brad Temkin

Inspired by a 2009 NPR story about Chicago's initiative to plant more green roofs, Chicago-based photographer Brad Temkin has photographed hundreds of the roofs around the country in the past seven years.

Temkin now focuses on green roofs built atop corporate and institutional buildings. Over the years, the photographer has been impressed by their increasing sophistication. Chicago's City Hall, for example, includes over 150 species of plants and features ​honey-producing apiaries​. Today, rooftops go hand-in-hand with sustainability, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency claims they can insulate buildings, reducing stormwater runoff, and mitigate urban heat island effect (the idea that metropolitan areas are significantly warmer than rural areas) thanks to heat-absorbing asphalt and concrete.

Temkin's photos don't just document the rooftop innovations, but frame the steel and glass of cities, hinting at a future of healthier urban design. 

To see Temkin's photos, visit Wired

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