Should a fire break out in the upper floors of the 555-meter-tall Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, how will first responders fight the flames? In the not-so-distant future, they could fire up their jetpacks and head skyward. In a move that calls to mind scenes from science fiction, Dubai’s Directorate of Civil Defense signed a memorandum of understanding with the Christchurch, New Zealand–based Martin Aircraft Company earlier this week outlining plans for the company two provide 20 of its jetpacks and two training simulators, as well as training and operational support. The jetpacks are designed for use by first responders, Gizmag reports, and they can be manned or flown remotely, take off and land from a vertical position, and operate in tight spaces such as between buildings or among trees. They can handle a load of up to 265 pounds.

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