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Denise Scott Brown, FAIA, won the AIA's 2016 Gold Medala huge milestone, as she is the first woman to receive this award in her lifetimeyet architecture still remains a tough industry for women to break into. A 2016 Women in Architecture Survey by the Architectural Review was conducted among 1,152 women, 48% of them between the ages of 21 and 30; 31% between 31 and 40; 13% between 41 and 50. The findings were as below:

"—One in five women surveyed say they would not encourage a woman to start a career in architecture.
—Of full-time architects, men out-earn their female counterparts by 18%; that percentage jumps to 31% more for male versus female practitioners at the director, partner, or principal level.
—About 40% of women in the U.K.—and over 40% of those asked in other countries—thought that they would be paid more if they were a man.
—67% believed that the building industry does not accept female authority.
—69% of those surveyed wanted more transparency about pay.
—72% of women worldwide say they have experienced sexual discrimination, harassment, or victimization on the job."

Though the survey was performed within a small group, the results speak volumes about yet another a male dominated industry. On a related note: the AIA National will be holding a #AIAChat on Twitter discussing equity and diversity in the profession today at 3 pm.

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