Designed by Seattle–based firm NBBJ, the foldaway Frost Flowers bring natural ice skating rinks back to London's River Thames. Hidden from view during the summer, the structure's petals unfold for the colder months. As they unfurl, the petals dip below the river's surface to collect water. After lifting back to the surface, the water freezes, leaving a circular ice rink. 

NBBJ designed the structure in an attempt to rekindle the magic of London's Frost Fairs put on during the 18th and 19th centuries. Back then, the Thames often froze, allowing for months of ice skating, markets, and exhibitions. With new bridge constructions, the Thames flowed more easily, making it harder for the water to freeze over. 

While the firm design the seasonally public project for London, they hope to adapt to multiple locations along the Thames and potentially to other city rivers around the world.

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