When Danish architecture firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) released renderings for a mixed-use tower in Frankfurt, Germany, the most eye-grabbing aspect were the shifting floors jutting out of the middle of it. And while the visionary studio is known for bold and unconventional forms in their constructions, there's more reason behind it than just making a statement.

The nearly 700,000-square-foot site will be a hub for multiple services, such as office spaces and residential units, and utilizes this technique by defining each area. For interior spaces, it designates "the changes in use," according to Multifamily Execeutive's article, and for the exterior, the shifting floor plates also offer the best views for the surrounding area.

The first portion of the project is dedicated to public spaces, while the next level is for residential, and the final is for commercial spaces. Construction started on the project, which was selected by way of entering a design competition, and is being built in collaboration with Austrian-based structural engineering firm Bollinger + Grohmann, and hopes to have the building completed by 2018.

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