If you've been reading the news of the email hacking of the Democratic National Committee while binge-watching episodes of the USA Network's Mr. Robot, you're probably more than a little on edge about our nation's cyber security. But this is a problem that the federal government has been working on, and one of those steps is following up on the Data Center Optimization Initiative, which is a successor to the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative, whose goal is "to bring data center guidance in line with the Federal IT Acquisition Reform Act," reports Mark Rockwell over at FCW: The Business of Federal Technology. Leading that charge in making the government's data centers more efficient is the General Services Administration, the nation's largest landlord.

It's a task that the GSA has well in hand, writes Rockwell: "In an Aug. 10 blog post, Dominic Sale, deputy associate administrator in OGP's Office of Information, Integrity and Access, said OGP will focus on three primary objectives with its DCOI support: encouraging the best-equipped federal data centers to be the centers for service for less-well-equipped agencies; fostering internal markets for federal data center services; and charting a clear path agencies can follow to the cloud, away from a dependence on their own physical infrastructure."

So make some more popcorn and fire the Apple TV back up to see how Elliot Alderson is going to get out of the fine mess he's made for himself and the world. And read Mark Rockwell's full story at FCW.

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