The Radhaus, a bike tower designed by German firm Osterwold+Schmidt, is popping up around Britain to ease cyclists' worries about bike theft and vandalism. The three-story structure, able to hold up to 120 bikes, occupies only 592 square feet. The modular design means the tower can be constructed within 2-3 weeks. The first tower was installed at a German train station in 2013, but Cardok, a Swiss installation service specializing in alternative transportation storage, and also distributes the towers around Britain, is currently targeting railway companies, housing developments and office blocks. 

Other innovative bike facilities have been constructed around the world. London–based Cycle Hoop designed the Bike Port, which allows 10 bikes to park in one parking space, and the Bike Hangar, a mini-bike garage that fits six. Malmö, Sweden, has installed three underground Bike & Ride facilities that house more than 4,500 bikes. Similar solutions have been built in the Dutch city of Nijmegen. Tokyo's EcoCycle Garage allow users to deliver their bikes to a lift, which will then place the bike in an empty slot. Amsterdam's future biking facilities, which will hold 21,500 bikes, include a location underneath a city lake, as well as floating parking islands. 

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