While taking a break from designing iconic pieces of furniture and houses, Charles and Ray Eames somehow managed to find time to document all of their travels and creative endeavors together. From trips to India to day-trips at the circus, their photographic archive eventually grew to 750,000 pieces, which are digitally saved onto a database maintained by the Eames Office.

Currently on display at the Art and Design Atomium Museum in Brussels, Belgium, is "Move Sets," which depicts Charles' fascination with the world of film in his chosen home of Los Angeles. Curated by Alexandra Midal, the work dates from 1951 to 1971, and chronicles the sets of Austiran-born American filmmaker Billy Wilder, with whom Charles had designed for before as an MGM designer. Wilder is known for classics such as "Some Like it Hot," "Sunset Boulevard," "Double Indemnity," and "The Apartment."

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