Construction is an enormous piece of the U.S. economy. Employment in the sector is a big part of what makes the country run, and the resulting buildings and infrastructure helps to define how the country then runs. So, did we learn much about how the two presidential candidates would push to improve the industry? No, not really, writes Emily Peiffer over at Construction Dive.

But Peiffer does lay down the few things that the candidates have talked about. Such as Hillary Clinton's $275 billion infrastructure plan funded by a national infrastructure bank and Donald Trump's $1 trillion infrastructure plan paid for through tax incentives for developers. Or Clinton's $25 billion plan to help home buyers get into new homes versus Trump's plan to grow housing by cutting regulations. Or ... well, actually and sadly, that's about it.

But Peiffer goes more in depth on each of these and more in her story over at Construction Dive.

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