Stitched Panorama
Victor Enrich Stitched Panorama

While Victor Enrich may not be an architect, his digitally manipulated photographs feature humorous renditions of traditional buildings. Measure is Enrich's latest work, depicting the wedge-shaped building that houses New York's Storefront gallery inverted on a replica of the Spanish Pavilion built for the 1937 World's Fair in Paris. 

The image may seem nonsensical, but is actually created using Enrich's unique measurement system, which he developed for an exhibition at the Storefront. The length and height of the Storefront building serve as the basic measurement units, and the Spanish Pavilion was used to test the system because it has the same dimensions. He plugged images of the Storefront into a 3D rendering software, and, after manually tracing the building lines, inserted the model into an image of the pavilion. 

The images are meant to poke fun of the arbitrary origin of measurement units, but he doesn't expect anyone to start using his system, due to its lack of practicality. 

To read more about Enrich's work, visit Wired

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