British Airways i360/ Visual Air

The newest structure to appear in Brighton, a popular English seaside resort, measures just 13-feet-wide, but stretches 531-feet-high, making it the world's slenderest tower. 

The British Airways i360 viewing tower, which the local council hopes will be the "catalyst for change for fitting out the seafront for the next 150 years," is designed to boost tourism in the city and attract more commercial and residential developments. A new conference center, leisure facilities, shops, and tourist attractions are already in the works. 

The tower, designed by London-based Marks Barfield, the same firm that created the London Eye, carries passengers in a pod to the top of the structure. Once visitors get there, they'll be able to see 26 miles in all directions. A small restaurant serves produce that has been grown or caught within this 26-mile radius. 

The tower is currently ahead of schedule and is expected to open June 2016. 

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