Maybe Just Call Them Apartments
Over at CityLab, Kriston Capps takes apart the argument(s) that micro-apartments are either a panacea for the insufficient housing supply or the end of the world (or at least the end of residences) as we know it. Micro-apartments are certainly small, in the case of recent media darling New York City's Carmel Place designed by nArchitects, but they don't fundamentally change anything, he argues. Yes, the City of New York gave Carmel a waiver to build units smaller than code. And yes, we need a lot more affordable larger, family-sized apartment stock. But one situation is not necessarily a problem or a solution for the other. In fact, if anything is the villain of this story, it's that so many cities require a certain (far too high) level of single-family dwelling to be represented in the housing stock, which leaves too small a slice of pie for the multifamily chefs to utilize.

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