Over at Designboom, Nina Azzarello has a lovely little photo roll of 14 images from Instagram photographer Mehrdad (Instagram handle m1rasoulifard) who, presumably accompanied by the adorable little cherub that shares his profile picture with him, takes "viewers on a visual journey through the history of Iranian architecture and design. ... [He] captures the structural and artistic intricacies of Iran’s most significant places of worship and cultural complexes, from the Jāmeh Mosque—one of the oldest still standing in the country—to the Chaharbagh School, both in the city of Isfahan." The intricacies and beauty of the ceilings in Iranian architecture is unparalleled, with amazing amounts of rich ornamentation and complex designs.

See the rest of Mehrdad's incredible images (249 and counting as of this morning), at his Instagram account.

And read the rest of Nina Azzarello's story at Designboom.

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