Terry Smith

More than 3,000 homes will soon be created out of former jails across England and Wales. The first jail to be sold by the U.K. government is the Grade II-listed HMP Reading, built in 1844 and closed in 2013, located in Berkshire. Prisons in London's Pentonville and Brixton districts, the former Dover Prison, located in Dover, and Surrey's Downview Prison, in Surrey, are also expected to sell. 

The sale of these jails form part of chancellor George Osborn's spending review. The construction of nine new, modernized jails to replace the outgoing Victorian models is also part of this financial plan. The new jails are expected to save £80 million.

"We are going to reform the infrastructure of our prison system, building new institutions which are modern, suitable and rehabilitative. And we will close old, outdated prisons in city centres and sell the sites to build thousands of much-needed new homes," stated Osborn. 

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