The Leicester B. Holland prize, given annually by the Library of Congress (LOC), recognizes illustrations of existing U.S. historic sites, landscapes, and structures. The LOC just announced its 2015 honorees and for the first time since the award began in 2011, the jury decided none of the applicants fully met the prize standards of the Historic American Building Survey, Historic American Engineering Record, or the Historic American Landscapes Survey. The jury did, however, dish out two honorable mentions.

Those honorable mentions were given for drawings of the St. James House, built around 1768 in Fredericksburg, Va., and Pon Pon Chapel, an 18th century church near Jacksonboro, S.C. This year’s recognized artists include college students and recent alumni.

The LOC intends the prize, in part, to encourage the kind of study of architecture embraced by the Beaux-Arts school.

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