Several people admire the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, but few can claim to have actually inhabited one of his several homes across the United States. From quaint sanctuaries in the backwoods of New Jersey, to cozy cabins in Washington state, five different homeowners tell about their experiences of refurbishing and residing in these little works of art.

The stories all differ, whether the new owners had to completely renovate the site, or just invest in some restorations. Thankfully, all of them share the same passion for architecture and the enthusiasm for these kinds of projects. Gene Szymczak, for instance, bought the Thomas P. Hardy House in Racine, Wisconsin, knowing he had to repair the front of the home which was rotting due to deferred maintenance. But it's not all work, Szymczak says that even with a blunder snowstorm outside, you are still happy to be in the cozy Wright home.

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