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Two years ago, English actress Joanna Lumley kicked off a campaign for her idea of a garden bridge across London's Thames River. Now, several local politicians, including counselors, the Member of Parliament representing the proposed site, and leaders of all four parties on the Greater London Assembly (GLA), are criticizing the project.

One criticism is the mounting price tag. Originally budgeted at £19 million ($27 million) in 2002, the project is now likely to cost at least £175 million ($257 million). Andrew Boff, leader of the Conservative groups on the GLA also criticizes the project for creating, rather than solving, problems, and calls it "the wrong bridge in the wrong place" because the area is already served by several bridges.  

Designed by London–based Heatherwick Studio, construction is set to begin in the spring, with a planned 2018 opening date. Despite mounting criticism, Lumley is confident construction will continue.

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