Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture
Jonathan Muzikar Endless House: Intersections of Art and Architecture

Ever since the 1960s, the Museum of Modern Art has dedicated space for its large collection of architectural models, drawings, and more. But the museum has decided to switch gears and absorb these dedicated spaces back into the general museum gallery space. As William Menking over at The Architect's Newspaper reports: Those architecture "galleries, along with the Edward Steichen Photography and Paul J. Sachs Drawings galleries, are what the museum calls 'medium-specific' galleries. These rooms will be absorbed into larger spaces devoted to general exhibitions and displays of the museum’s collection." The third-floor space that has housed the design collection for the past dozen years is currently hosting A Japanese Constellation: Toyo Ito, SANAA, and Beyond, but once that show's run is over will also be folded back into multidisciplinary, general exhibition space. (See our recent review of A Japanese Constellation here.)

Writes Menking: "This new reconfiguration, where medium-specific galleries are closed and the architecture and design collections are merged into the larger ones, will have effects for both the collection and the importance of architecture and design in the museum. ... In the longer run, it means that architecture and design will be competing with all the other departments and curators for exhibition space."

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