More Trouble for Calatrava
Ready to go visit the Santiago Calatrava, FAIA-designed transit hub at the World Trade Center and shop at the Westfield mall that is intertwined with the station? Well, change your plans ... to sometime next year. Slated to be open by now, the $3.7 billion rail terminal and shopping extravaganza (whose cost is now more than twice what was initially planned) is seeing yet more delays. (The mall is costing another $1.4 billion.) As David Dunlap at The New York Times is reporting, "A persistent water leak is among the problems that have delayed the opening of the mall ... [with] water penetration around the construction site of 3 World Trade Center, an office tower abutting the hub, which began in late summer." So, no Black Friday at the uber-white winged Oculus station this year. Maybe next year.

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