Piper Club
3c+t Fabrizio Capolei, Pino Abbrescia e Fabio Santinelli (face2face studio), Corrado Rizza Piper Club

"Radical Disco: Architecture and Nightlife in Italy, 1965-1975" displays dance club designs from experimental architect groups such as Gruppo 9999, Superstudio, and UFO that challenged prevailing ideas of modernism.

"Radical Disco" expands on an exhibition curated for last year's Venice Biennial called "Space Electronic: Then and Now." The exhibition examined the history of the Florence club, which can be traced back to Piper, a club opened in Rome in 1965. Manilo CavalliFrancesco, and Giancarlo Capolei designed the club to capture the optimism and experimental spirit of the times, and it quickly became an inspiration and meeting place for Radical architects.

The principles of Radical Design, a movement that opposed the modernist aesthetics in Italian architecture during the 1960s to the 1980s, continued to manifest themselves in other Utopian-spirited clubs throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Space Electronic in Florence, for example, was built in a former engine repair shop, and was decorated with washing machine drums, old refrigerators, and a garden. Another club, called S-Space, functioned as an architecture school during the day and a dance club at night. The exhibition will include archival photos of these spaces, as well as several other examples. 

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