The Notre Dame School of Architecture is going to get a new home. And, fitting for a school whose mission statement says that it "emphasizes classical and vernacular architecture within traditional urbanism; principles that encourage community, harmony with nature and economy of resources and energy," it's only fitting that they hired a classical architect to design it. John Simpson, a traditionalist English architect whose mission statement of his own says that his buildings "must use a language of building which is recognisable and by necessity, draws on our collective cultural experience" has been hired to do the job, and the school released the first batch of rendering for the new academy this week.

Named after Chicago construction magnate Matthew Walsh and his wife Joyce, who gave $27 million to the school back in 2013, the new building "will be the second element of a planned arts quadrangle that is being created along the north and east boundaries of the Irish Green, the park along Angela Boulevard in front of DeBartolo Performing Arts Center," reports Margaret Fosmoe in the South Bend Tribune. The performing arts center and a planned new home for the departments of art, art history, and design will round out the new quad.

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